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from the smallest diamond earring, to the largest of floral installations - it ALL matters!

formal photos with your loved ones - they're a must. 

that little magical puzzle piece that makes every wedding exceptional

my recipe for the perfect gallery:

Not just for engaged couples - I'm a big fan of keeping your couple's portraits up to date!
Whether it's for your anniversary, to celebrate your transformations, or just to get photos with your dogs - I'm on board!



My wedding packages and prices are custom made and tailored to each individual celebration. Things like your location, day of the week, number of photographers, and more directly correlate to your investment. 



The Pricing

Weddings aren't one size fits all - and your photography shouldn't be either.
I'm a champion for variety - all genders, religions, cultures, ages, and sizes are welcome here. From backyards to ballrooms, I cover an array of celebrations of all sizes, locations, and concepts. 

frequently asked questions

the 411

Every wedding is unique and different, it's part of why my creative brain loves them so much. However- this makes a total number of images impossible to guarantee. A safe bet is that I deliver about 75+ images for every hour of coverage. I do not limit the amount of photos that are taken, and I do not limit the amount of photos that end up in your final, edited set, so that number easily goes up!

I have an arsenal of camera equipment that is with me at every wedding - a *minimum* of 2 camera bodies, 6 lenses, and 4 flashes. 
On top of that - my cameras write to two memory cards instead of just one. So if there were to be the tragic event of a memory card failure... it wouldn't be so tragic. Everything is still backed up onto a buddy.
Third- I store my images not only on external hard drives (that is backed up to a 14TB hard drive), but also in the cloud. In the instance that there is hard drive failure, (or tornadoes, that happens in Oklahoma...) everything is protected until your images are safely in your hands.

Oh gosh I can't even count back that far! haha! I have been photographing weddings for over 14 years now, and my best guestimate would be over 600 events! So, quite a few to say the least.

Yes! I am a full-service photographer. In your private, online gallery you can order professional quality, deep matte photographic prints in a variety of sizes, as well as gallery-wrapped canvas. I also offer Fine Art Albums that are printed on a silky smooth, deep matte paper. It has an archival quality of over 100 years, two hundred years when kept in dry storage. These delicate pages are then mounted onto thick, sturdy boards to help prevent ripping, tearing, and keeping them in tip-top shape. Choose from a variety of cover materials & colors - genuine Italian leather, luxurious velvet, and silky suede - as well as different image cameos, imprinting, and more. Your album is truly customized to your vision.

This is definitely an EXTREME situation - there are only 2 weddings in my entire career that I could not possibly be there (thanks Covid!). In the event that something happens to me, I have a tight-knit crew of experienced colleagues that I can call upon to take my place (and would do just as good of a job and have just as much fun with you!). 

I have a small set of preview images (typically about 4-5 images) ready for you within 5 days of your wedding day. After that, the remaining images are all edited & delivered to you typically in about 4-6 weeks from the wedding date. However, that time frame can sometimes change if the season is busier than normal. If that's the case, I deliver a large preview gallery (about 25 images), and give you an updated timeframe then. As per my contract, all images will be delivered within 6 months of the wedding day, no matter what!

Nope. I don’t mind at all. However, I do “manage” the experience during family, wedding party, and couples formals to ensure we maximize the time allowed and get your guests to the cocktail hour as soon as possible. Having said that, please consider an unplugged ceremony for your wedding. This means no picture taking by the guests. It allows everyone the time to truly witness your ceremony and the vows you promise each other.

Trust me, we've all had those moments where we don't even know what to do with our hands! Because I am always working with real human beings, and not models - I have invested THOUSANDS of dollars along the years in a variety of posing courses. I'll guide you along the way to be sure that you look your absolute best! I'll then follow it up with a joke or weird thing for you to do so that everyone can erupt in laughs, and your photos still look like you guys - just fancier! Personally, I would also recommend you invest in an engagement session with me too. This is a great way for us to get to know each other better, how I shoot and will work with you, as well as for me to get a bit more of you and your partner's love style. Once my couples realize how fun taking photos can be, everyone can take a deep breath and enjoy the ride! 

Do yourself a favor & just hire Ashley! She is the best person to work with not only for her photography and editing mastery, but she tells the best jokes and stories along the way. The photos are one of the only things that will stay with us forever and I am so glad I went with Ashley to capture the moments.

"Do yourself a favor and just hire Ashley!"

-Taylor & Mitch

You were absolutely wonderful to work with at Katie and Brandon's wedding! Who knew your services included pinning boutonnieres and bustling dresses?! We would happily refer you to anyone that asked! Your grandfather would be so proud of you!! (Am I using enough exclamations?) 

"Your grandfather would be so proud of you!!!"

-Lisa Gilbert 

Ashley is seriously the best!! I love my wedding pictures and she was so fun to work with!! She is professional, organized, so kind, and beyond talented! It rained on my wedding day so I was nervous how my pictures would turn out. I was blown away when I received the pictures!!

"professional, organized, so kind, and beyond talented"

-Alison & Jackson


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