As the photographer at a wedding, I value that I am there to document the most private of moments. I approach every day with open hands, forgoing a Pinterest board of cookie-cutter images that wedding magazines convinced us we need. The only expectations I have for the day is that I am walking into a place of love. Where two people are so madly in love and beginning a new life together that they want to throw the best celebration they can with their support teams. Let’s appreciate how beautiful things can be when we let go of the idea of ‘perfect’ and just embrace what is real. Savor the honest moments and relish in the unplanned. 

there is beauty in the imperfections.

“The beauty of you is how you wear who you are.” -Timothy Egart

My door is always open for humans of all shapes, sizes, colors, orientations, whatever. Just be a good human, that’s what really matters.

you are you, and that is enough.

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I believe the best moments will naturally fall into place. I like to settle in and soak it all up, seeing all of the little connections. Focusing on the genuine candid moments, and the details that conjure a feeling. Let’s work together beforehand to nail down the must-have formal photos, so that the rest of the day can stay breezy and natural.
The purpose of this day is to form a union and throw an epic party - not a big directed, chaotic photoshoot.

preserve the intention of the day

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I believe true, honest moments can’t be scripted. I give space, but will step in when it is needed. I will give direction to friends, family, and even you at times - but without trying to manipulate every single moment for a “perfect” photo. Fostering an environment that is enjoyable. Where people can be themselves, let their guard down and flash a genuine smile. 

sincerity shouldn't be

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I don’t like complicated things, so my pricing is simple. I offer one package that includes myself as your photographer for the day, with digital delivery and download of the final, edited images. If you want to add on an engagement session, a second photographer, a wedding album, or a birthday session for your dog, whatever - we can do that too!

That being said, I get it- weddings can be expensive. If you really love the work you are seeing here but don’t quite have the budget, please start a conversation with me about it -chances are we can build a custom package that works for all of us.

for the most current rates, please inquire.


frequently asked questions

Many of my best work has come from working solo - I have often found that keeping media teams minimal is key to maintaining the “purity” of the moments - keeping everything real and not for a photo op. That being said, there may be different circumstances that I recommend we customize your package to include a second photographer.

I work with all sorts of videographers! The most important thing to make sure that they also understand and share our approach to how the day should go: we stay small and unobtrusive, let the day flow naturally, and have fun in the process.

Every wedding is unique and different - we’re not working off of a shot list that The Knot told you you needed. This makes a total number of images harder to guarantee. The main thing is that I do no limit the amount of photos that are taken, and I do not limit the amount of images to be delivered. The end goal is to tell the story in a sufficient but not overwhelming manner.

Yes! Keeping your images only in digital form feels incomplete, and not offering solutions would be a disservice. Preserving and protecting the moments in a physical manner are very important to me. I offer photographing prints in various sizes, gallery-wrapped canvas, as well as Fine Art Albums. These are heirloom quality books with pages printed on a silky smooth, deep matte paper. It has a It has an archival quality of over 100 years, two hundred years when kept in dry storage. These delicate pages are then mounted onto thick, sturdy boards to help prevent ripping, tearing, and keeping them in tip-top shape. 

However- whether its through me or the lab of your choice - just print the damn photos!

It’s your day - not mine! You go with what you feel most comfortable with. However - I can’t recommend enough an unplugged ceremony -this means asking your guests to put their phones and cameras away so that they can be truly present. Not only does this limit distractions but helps me focus on the moments at hand. 

Yes… and no. First, I promise you aren’t as awkward as you think you are! I think people tend to feel the most uncomfortable when they are pretending to be someone they are not. All I ask is that you be yourself - that is more than enough! When it’s time for us to take some classic portraits- I’ll be there to guide you and your loved ones if you need it. 

do yourself a favor
and just hire ashley!

She is the best person to work with not only for her photography and editing mastery, but she tells the best jokes and stories along the way. The photos are one of the only things that will stay with us forever and I am so glad I went with Ashley to capture the moments.

Taylor & Mitch

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