While it’s definitely not as glamorous as it may be perceived - it is every bit as amazing. It’s like an automatic VIP pass to some of life’s coolest moments, a front row seat usually only reserved for the closest family & friends. It has taken me to some of the most beautiful locations in the world, and immersed into cultures that are far different from my own.

and yes - i have a ridiculously cool profession.

hey, I'm ashley sunderland

Over 15 years and a thousand weddings ago, I started out working for my grandfather’s studio (Gordon Dinsmore), with a very traditional style of shooting- absorbing from photographers that my grandfather himself had trained. The traditional gave way to trendy, to keeping up with Pinterest boards and Martha Stewart Weddings. A lot of Joneses to keep up with.

However- I’m thankful for the journey because it gave me an appreciation for classic fine art portraits, and the gratitude for a conventional family picture. Perhaps it’s a side effect of age, or a by-product of a digital world curated by AI and influencers, but it is now a time to nurture the authentic and organic - and embrace myself not just as a photographer but as an artist. 

Oklahoma City is my home, where I share it with my four crazy dogs- Boston, Marshall, Piper, and Hippo. I’ve been a Crossfit member for over 8 years, which led to meeting my boyfriend JB there as well. I consider myself an artist not only from the photography aspect, but for my love of drawing - my favorite medium is graphite or colored pencils. Also, talking this much about myself feels weird so let’s just leave it at this and connect in person instead. :) 

Real talk: social media isn’t my jam, so my posts are usually few and far between.
In the event that I do post something, you can check it out here: